How do I succeed as a LunaMD affiliate?

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As a LunaMD affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting LunaMD and referring customers to our platform. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to help you succeed as a LunaMD Affiliate.

The Basics 

Step 1: Logging into your Affiliate Dashboard

  • Visit the LunaMD website at
  • Locate and click on the "Affiliate Program" link in the footer section.
  • On the Affiliate Program page, click on the "Login" button to access your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Enter your login credentials (email and password) to log in.

Step 2: Entering your PayPal email address

  • Once you're logged into your Affiliate Dashboard, navigate to the "Settings" or "Profile" section.
  • Locate the field for "PayPal Email Address" and enter the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  • This step is crucial to ensure timely commission payments. Commissions are paid out every Monday at noon (according to LunaMD's payment schedule).

Step 3: Obtaining your unique discount code

  • In your Affiliate Dashboard, look for the section that provides your unique discount code.
  • This code can be shared with your audience, offering them a specific discount when they make a purchase on LunaMD.
  • Make sure to highlight the $10 discount amount when promoting your code to friends, family, and followers. 

Step 4: Obtaining your unique affiliate referral link

  • In the Affiliate Dashboard, find the section that displays your unique affiliate referral link.
  • This referral link contains your unique identifier and directs users to the LunaMD website.
  • Share this link on your website, blog, social media platforms, or any other promotional channels to refer potential customers.

Step 5: Obtaining your unique QR code

  • Your unique QR code is also available in your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • This QR code can be downloaded and used in various offline marketing materials.
  • When scanned, the QR code will redirect users to LunaMD using your affiliate tracking.


By following these basic steps, you are on your way to succeeding as a LunaMD Affiliate. Remember to share your unique referral discount code, link, and QR code to ensure you get paid for the sales you refer. Also remember to regularly log in to your Affiliate Dashboard regularly to track your referrals, monitor your earnings, and hit your targets. In the next section we will look at more advanced techniques for succeeding as a LunaMD affiliate. 

Advanced Techniques

Using Sample Packs to Refer Customers

As a LunaMD Affiliate, you have the opportunity to leverage LunaMD sample packs as an additional promotional tool to refer customers. Sample packs allow potential customers to try out LunaMD products before making a full purchase. Here's how you can use sample packs effectively:

Obtain LunaMD Sample Packs:

Click on "Sample Packs" on the LunaMD website and select the sample packs you are most interested in referring. At the moment, Anti-Aging Peptide Sample 3-Packs are a best-seller.  

Personalize Sample Packs with your Discount Code

LunaMD sample packs usually have a space on the back where you can write your unique discount code. Use a permanent marker (such as a Sharpie) to write your discount code clearly and prominently on the designated space. That way, when the person you gave the sample pack to wants to order a full size bottle of the product your discount code will be readily available. 

Distribute Sample Packs

Here are some ideas on how to distribute sample packs and increase your chances of referring customers:

a. Local Events: Attend health fairs, wellness expos, or community gatherings related to healthcare. Offer the sample packs to interested individuals and engage in conversations about LunaMD's products and benefits.

b. Healthcare Professionals: If you have connections with healthcare professionals, consider offering sample packs to them. They can distribute the samples to their patients or include them in their waiting rooms.

c. Personal Network: Share the sample packs with friends, family members, and acquaintances who might be interested in LunaMD's products. Encourage them to try the samples and share their feedback with others.

d. Social Media Campaigns: Leverage your social media platforms to run a sample pack giveaway or a contest. Ask participants to follow your account, like and share your post, and tag friends who might be interested. Select winners randomly and send them sample packs with your discount code.

Track Referrals

Remind individuals who receive sample packs to use your discount code when making a purchase on LunaMD's website. This ensures that you receive proper credit for referring them. Regularly check your Affiliate Dashboard to monitor the number of referrals and track your earnings.

Remember, providing exceptional customer service and being knowledgeable about LunaMD's products will increase the likelihood of converting sample pack recipients into customers. Feel free to share your personal experiences and highlight the benefits of LunaMD products when distributing sample packs.


Utilizing LunaMD sample packs can be an effective way to refer customers and boost your affiliate marketing efforts. By personalizing the sample packs with your discount code and strategically distributing them, you can create valuable connections and drive conversions. Remember to keep track of your referrals and engage with potential customers to maximize your success as a LunaMD Affiliate.

Nurturing Your Downline for Exponential Growth

As a LunaMD Affiliate, nurturing your downline is essential for building a strong and sustainable affiliate network. That is why you are able to see the email address of everyone in your immediate downline in your Affiliate Dashboard. By reaching our to your downline affiliates and supporting and guiding them to making more sales, you not only help them succeed but also increase your own potential for earning commissions. Remember: affiliates receive up to 10% of every sale referred by their affiliate downline, ten levels deep. Here are five effective ways to nurture your downline:

Communication and Support

Regularly communicate with your downline affiliates by leveraging the email addresses available in your Affiliate Dashboard. Offer them support, answer their questions, and provide guidance when needed. By being responsive and available, you create a sense of trust and foster a supportive environment.

Share Strategies and Tips

Share your knowledge and experience with your downline. Provide them with valuable insights, strategies, and tips to help them improve their marketing efforts. This could include effective promotional techniques, social media strategies, content creation ideas, or ways to engage their audience. Encourage them to leverage your expertise to enhance their own performance.

Conduct Training Sessions or Webinars

Organize training sessions or webinars exclusively for your downline affiliates. These sessions can cover various topics such as product knowledge, effective selling techniques, customer engagement strategies, or optimizing the use of LunaMD's marketing materials. Webinars also provide a platform for interactive discussions and Q&A sessions, allowing your downline to gain further clarity and learn from your expertise.

Offer Incentives and Rewards

Motivate your downline affiliates by offering incentives and rewards. For example, you can set up a monthly contest where the top-performing affiliate receives a bonus or a special gift. Additionally, you can create a tiered commission structure within your downline, providing extra incentives for your top-performing affiliates. This approach encourages healthy competition and boosts overall engagement.

Foster a Sense of Community

Encourage collaboration and foster a sense of community among your downline affiliates. Consider creating a private Facebook group or an online forum where they can connect, share their experiences, and support one another. This platform allows affiliates to learn from each other, ask questions, celebrate successes, and provide valuable feedback. Actively participate in these communities, addressing concerns and facilitating discussions to maintain a vibrant and engaged downline.


Nurturing your downline is a crucial aspect of being a LunaMD Affiliate. By communicating regularly, sharing strategies, conducting training sessions, offering incentives, and fostering a sense of community, you create an environment where your downline affiliates can thrive. Remember, their success directly impacts your own earnings, making it mutually beneficial to support and nurture your downline for long-term success.

Leveraging the Auto-Business Builder for Accelerated Growth 

LunaMD offers an exclusive subscription program called the Auto-Business Builder, designed to revolutionize the way LunaMD affiliates build and grow their residual income effortlessly. This section will explain the key features and benefits of the Auto-Business Builder and how it can elevate your affiliate marketing business to new heights.

What is the Auto-Business Builder Subscription?

The Auto-Business Builder is a game-changing program that empowers LunaMD affiliates to expand their downline and increase their affiliate income automatically. Unlike traditional affiliate programs, the Auto-Business Builder eliminates the need for manual efforts by handling the heavy lifting on your behalf. Here's how it works:

  • Round-Robin Downline Growth: As an Auto-Business Builder subscriber, any unclaimed affiliates will be placed in your downline using a round-robin system. This means that you will receive new affiliates automatically without having to actively recruit them. The Auto-Business Builder takes care of growing your downline effortlessly, freeing up your time and energy to focus on building relationships with your existing downline.

  • Retargeting Ads with Your Unique Affiliate Link: LunaMD runs retargeting ads specifically targeting abandoned checkouts, using your unique affiliate link. These ads are also distributed using a round-robin approach, ensuring that your commissions grow automatically without any additional effort on your part. By leveraging retargeting ads, LunaMD maximizes the conversion potential of abandoned checkouts, further boosting your affiliate income.

  • Accessible Pricing with Self-Payment Potential: LunaMD has priced the Auto-Business Builder subscription in a way that it has the potential to pay for itself. This means that the program is accessible to anyone looking to enhance their LunaMD affiliate marketing business. By leveraging the program's capabilities and the increased income potential, affiliates can effectively cover the subscription cost and unlock a continuous stream of residual income.

Why Choose the Automated Business Builder Subscription?

  • Effortless Growth: The Auto-Business Builder simplifies and automates the growth of your downline and affiliate income. With minimal effort required on your part, you can witness substantial growth and focus on nurturing relationships within your downline.

  • Unique to LunaMD: LunaMD's Auto-Business Builder sets itself apart from other affiliate programs by offering this groundbreaking solution. No other program takes care of the heavy lifting and provides automated growth opportunities for its affiliates.

  • Increased Residual Income: By leveraging the Auto-Business Builder you unlock the potential for a continuous stream of residual income. The program's features are strategically designed to maximize your commissions and support your long-term financial goals.


The Auto-Business Builder subscription is a groundbreaking program exclusively available to LunaMD affiliates. By automating downline growth and retargeting efforts, the program empowers affiliates to achieve accelerated residual income without the need for manual efforts. If you're ready to take your LunaMD affiliate marketing business to new heights, the Auto-Business Builder is a powerful solution that shouldn't be missed. Sign up for the Auto-Business Builder here and unlock the potential for effortless growth and increased affiliate income!

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