Can I customize my affiliate link for international languages/countries?

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As a LunaMD affiliate, you have the opportunity to enhance the user experience for your potential referrals by customizing your affiliate link to display LunaMD's website in their native language. Currently, LunaMD supports three languages: Spanish, French, and Arabic. By appending a language code to your affiliate link, you can ensure that your recipients are directed to the website in their preferred language, making it easier for them to understand and engage with the content. This customization will not affect the cookies associated with your affiliate link.

How to Customize Your Affiliate Link for Different Languages

Follow these simple steps to customize your affiliate link for different languages:

  1. Retrieve Your Affiliate Link: Log in to your LunaMD affiliate dashboard and locate your unique affiliate link. This link is what you'll use to refer potential customers to LunaMD's website.
  2. Select a Language Code: Choose the appropriate language code based on the recipient's preferred language. Here are the available language codes: /sp for Spanish; /fr for French; /ar for Arabic.
  3. Add the Language Code to Your Affiliate Link: Append the chosen language code to the end of your affiliate link. For example, if your affiliate link is, and you want to direct users to the Spanish version, the customized link would be:
  4. Share Your Customized Link: Once you have created your customized link, share it with your potential referrals. When they click on the link, they will be directed to the LunaMD website in their chosen language. Your link will work as normal. 

Localization for International Users

LunaMD understands the importance of localization for international users. Upon visiting the LunaMD website, users located outside the USA will encounter a popup that confirms their country. By confirming their country, the pricing and shipping information will automatically update to display in their native currency and shipping cost. This ensures a seamless and personalized experience for international users, making it easier for them to explore LunaMD's products and services.


Customizing your LunaMD affiliate link for different languages is a great way to enhance the user experience and increase the likelihood of conversions. By directing users to the LunaMD website in their native language, you're making it easier for them to understand and engage with the content. Moreover, LunaMD's commitment to localization ensures that international users receive accurate pricing and shipping information based on their location. Start customizing your affiliate link today to connect with a broader audience and drive more referrals.

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